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Impromptu sessions


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Impromptu sessions thread might help with people looking for random games:)


I am hosting a 5 player MP mission and need 4 testers. It plays in MP but I was going to release the mission and the new patch came along.

Anyone interested join me on teamspeak


Mission brief>

Enemy forces are massing at the airport of Gudata.



Your four ship flights primary goal is the destruction of the planes on the ground.

Once air superiority is established the ground invasion can begin.

A playable AFAC slot is available with more specific WP's


Nalchik tower 136 AM

Elev 1411 ft msl ILS 110.50

Runway 6/24




FAC Callsign Deathstar 80 FM

AWACS Call sign Wizard 124AM

AFAC Call sign Uzi-131 AM

SEAD Call sign Springfield-124 AM

CAP Call sign Enfield-124AM

TANKER Call sign Texaco-150 AM TACAN 37Y


Senaki is the divert airfield/FARP

Tower Freq 132 AM Elevation 31 TACAN 31X

Runway headings 09, 27 degrees


Attack and destroy any enemy planes found on the ground.

Any munitions left over can be utilised on the following targets listed by priority.


1. Radar sites

2. Artillery

3. Armour

4. Troop concentrations.


Avoid collateral damage to the nearby towns of Bambora, Gudata and Algyt.

A SEAD flight will take out SAMS

A CAP will cover you from attack by bogeys,


Try not to stay over target area for too long. Once the CAP flight bugs out you have no air cover!!!




Made by Cib

Our TS 3 server address teamspeak.zeus-community.net




mission starts 14.30 GMT

Edited by Cibit
Time of Start

i5 8600k@5.2Ghz, Asus Prime A Z370, 32Gb DDR4 3000, GTX1080 SC, Oculus Rift CV1, Modded TM Warthog Modded X52 Collective, Jetseat, W10 Pro 64


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