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Mountain Rescue.

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Two downed pilots are in the region near Mt. Elbrus, Europ's highest mountain.


You are to provide an escort in two Ka-50 Black Shark's. Two Mi-8's will be the "Sandy" rescue. The mission takes place at high altitude, expect the performance of the helicopters to be at their limits. There is a group of insurgent infantry who would like to reach the pilots before they can be rescued......


The mission has numerous triggers and should run differently each time its flown. Hopefully, there is the correct amount of challenge and will be rewarding to fly. Feel free to add more "Mountain" winds, if you want additional risks!


There is a You Tube video on my site ( see the link and signature) My example of the flight may not be the same as yours;)





I have also done a variation on the A10c CSAR mission, whch uses the mission planner in A10c, to give you control and command of certain allied air assetts, CAP, SEAD etc. There are two versions of this mission, a two ship rescue and a four ship "NATO" version. Can be found here:-






Hope these provide some challenge, as well as satisfaction upon completion. I have attempted to strike a balance and make each mission fly differently each time you fly.


Happy flying!:thumbup:

Mountain Rescue Pilots.miz

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]i7 Haswell @ 4.6Ghz, Z97p, GTX1080, 32GB DDR3, x3SSD, Win7/64, professional. 32" BenQ, TIR 5, Saitek x55 HOTAS.

Search User Files for "herky" for my uploaded missions. My flight sim videos on You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/user/David Herky

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