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Various problems/bugs not easily fitting individual forum categories


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I ran through the first Devil's Cross campaign mission last night and ran into various problems/bugs. Since they all can be shown in one .trk file, I'll lump them all together in this post. A couple are old problems, but may need to be pointed out again to see if they can get fixed :) Big thumbs up with the improved .trk replay since it is a heck of a lot more accurate and I can just post the .trk so ppl can see what is going on (I replayed the .trk and the problems listed below ARE in the .trk...i.e. I dont crash on takeoff or anything :) )


1) JTAC doesn't initially respond. When I hit the CP I called to JTAC and he never responded. When I called the second time, he did respond.


2) JTAC abort not quite fixed. I know there was a previous problem where you had to check out and back in when JTAC gave you an abort if the target assigned was destroyed before finishing the nine line readback but this is a little different. I had finished off my Mavs and CBU, I called in to JTAC to say "Attack Complete". If you are down to only guns, JTAC gives you an abort message if you are attacking heavy armor, and usually will assign you some softer targets to get with your guns. This time JTAC gave me the Abort, but I was still stuck in the Engagement menu. Had to check out with JTAC and check back in to get things sorted.


I am not sure though if this had to do with the JTAC not responding in #1 above. Previously JTAC logic would get real wonky if you tried to check in a second time if he didn't respond the first time.


3) Wingman call outs do not include directionals. Wingman will call out "contact armor", when previously he would call "contact armor three o'clock".


4) Noticed that a lot of the wingman or calls on the guard channel are not showing up on the top left list where they usually are. When I was getting a lot of the "contact armor" calls from the wingman they weren't on the radio call list. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.


5) C-17 refused to land - At the end of the mission, when returning to base, there was a C-17 that just circled the airport. Didn't look in the ME if it was a assignment problems with his waypoints, but he just circled and never tried to land. Other AI planes could land though.


6) Debrief menu failure spam - I got shot up a little bit in the mission, I never got a warning light or anything, but I lost my guns. On RTB and mission quit, I had a list of about 10 items with "failure", but no detail on what the failure was. In the debrief log (that I included), it only seems that I had one failure listed (lost ILS or something), but no other failures listed (not sure if the guns that I lost would have shown in the debrief log or not). Something seems screwy here anyways.


The rest in this list are kinda niggles that have occurred in the past and didn't get fixed or never really were called out as problems/bugs.


7) If you have radio on and set to the flight's frequency. When you call for engine startup the wingmen will call out "Rolling". Not sure why it is "rolling", maybe something like "starting engines" would be more appropriate. This has always annoyed me for some reason.


8) Still is a typo in the JTAC radio menus that reads "Ready to copy remakrs"


9) This one bothers me quite a bit. If you order a wingman to "attack with mavericks" and he DOESN'T have mavericks, he will "copy" will start his roll in and when about ready to attack realizes he doesnt have mavs, and then will rejoin. This is majorly annoying because unless you cheat and use "F2" to look at his weapons load you have no idea what weapons he has left. If you tell him to attack with mavs and he doesn't have mavs he should reply "negative".....then you will know he is out and he won't fly into danger and then rejoin without doing anything.


10) Ive noticed this especially with the DC first mission. It seems that wingman fuel burn is a lot greater than lead's fuel burn. In this mission, it seems all of the A-10 flights are loaded out with about 50% fuel. If you get into the battle area at a height of around 15K, your wingman will burn almost all of his fuel and will call out bingo and will RTB very quickly. I remedy this with my wingman by loading out around 75% fuel.


This still happens with other AI flights though. In the first DC mission there is already a A-10 flight in the air that holds at WP3 (I usually check this with TacView). Right when they are about ready to push, that flight's wingman ALWAYS RTB right at push because he is out of fuel. Lead usually goes on and does some damage, but there seems to be quite a bit if difference in fuel burn between lead and wingman.


OK, that is all I have for now :) Attached is the .trk file and log file all zipped up for your perusal.


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not sure why this got moved to the campaign/missions section. The problems I address here are not really campaign/mission specific (maybe one or two).


I'm pretty sure that with the post moved it will get kinda ignored down here at the bottom of the forum list.

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