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my condo friendly flight sim cockpit


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LOL ! Nice due to the premise. OBJ achieved i think. :)

HaF 922, Asus rampage extreme 3 gene, I7 950 with Noctua D14, MSI gtx 460 hawk, G skill 1600 8gb, 1.5 giga samsung HD.

Track IR 5, Hall sensed Cougar, Hall sensed TM RCS TM Warthog(2283), TM MFD, Saitek pro combat rudder, Cougar MFD.

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Thanks, I wanted a decent cockpit since I was a little kid, but now that I can afford it I can't afford the space eheh.


I purchased the seat from gameracer, plus the monitor stand, built my own mini-itx computer (surprisingly powerful for the size).

Then, the saitek combat rudder, thrustmaster fds, trackir, wireless keyboard and trackball and last the amazing warthog hotas.

I took me over a year between planning purchase and upgrades



I'm quite pleased, running x-plane and a10 right now, although I find a10 quite complex, would really need time for it, probably things will change once I get my hands on the hardcopy manual..


I still think the setup is too big for my flat but definitely a good start, plus my girlfriend is ok with this torture chair around in the flat, this is a great plus for me


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ditto, very nice indeed!

Abit IN9 32x MAX- Kentsfield QX6700 @3520

1.5 vcore watercooled D-Tek Fuzion/PA-160/MCR120/2x MCP655

2x2GB G-Skill 1066 5-5-5-15 2T@1.9vdimm

2x EVGA 580GTX 1.5GB SLI

2x 74GB Sata Raptor Raid0

2x 320GB Hitachi Sata II

X-FI Elite Pro

Dell U3011

Lian Li V2100B

Corsair HX1000

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