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Including "LockOn 1.1: FC" in "LockOn GOLD"


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Dear users and coustomers,

Here is official position of Eagle Dynamics, which is oriented to prevent any future speculations for this issue:


There were no plans to include 1.1 FC in Lock On Gold until one week ago; previous statements by Eagle, and its distributors, Natural Point, Simware, and RC Simulations regarding inclusion of 1.1 in Lock On Gold have all

been true. Ubisoft licensed Lock On 1.01 to Evolved Games but Evolved Games mistakenly thought that included 1.1. It did not. As such, Evolved Games advertised Lock On Gold with 1.1. Not until a week ago did TFC/Eagle

negotiate an agreement with Evolved Games to include 1.1 in Lock On


There is no conspiracy and no dishonesty.

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With Best Regards!

Daniel Tuseyev

Il-2: Battle of Stalingrad and Rise Of Flight projects manager

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