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Compatibility between Leo Bodnar BU0836 BU0836A

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I turned my electronics Cougar and I replaced it with 2 cards Leo Bodnar:


  • BU0836A (12 bits 4096 steps) embedded in the stick (buttons + 2 axis)
  • BU0836 (10 bit not 1024 steps) embedded in the trottle (buttons + 5 axis)

off course, each are connected via USB.


Cards connected individually works perfectly, buttons and axis.... but connected all, buttons 836A are not operative, only axes are working... while the 836 continues to function properly.



If I unplug the 836, the 836A becomes operational ... but if I plug again, problem !


All this found in the windows game controller.


In A10, the cards are identified, each with a different number. ... but the 836A buttons do not work .


I tried to change cluster USB, bad results.


Does some one an idea?



I am under seven 64pro, it is the driver of the OS that support the card.

More Informations about my flight control Projet here http://www.checksix-forums.com/showthread.php?t=159606

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