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Specs on posts?

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Modify your signature in User Control Panel.

Please don't put multistoreyed levels, it distracts only.


You can use spoiler function as well:



Your specs here


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Panzer, did a bit of filtering there - cheers.

Reminder: Fighter pilots make movies. Bomber pilots make... HISTORY! :D | Also to be remembered: FRENCH TANKS HAVE ONE GEAR FORWARD AND FIVE BACKWARD :D


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Hi Boberro, thanks for your help, never been to User Control Panel before. Hopefully my specs will appear at the bottom of this post!

Technical Specs: Asus G73JW gaming laptop... i7-740QM 1.73GHz ... GTX460m 1.5GB ... 8GB DDR5 RAM ... Win7 64 ... TIR5 ... Thrustmaster T16000m

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