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Question about log drag, high drag bomb


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My attempt:


너무 고도의 낮은으로부터 떨어지는 자신의 군수품의에서 폭탄을 떨어뜨리고 때 비행기가 손상을 입을 수 있습니다. 그것은 그 비행기가 충돌 지역에서 빠져 나와야하고 충격에 쓰러지는 비행기의 위험을 mimimize 수 있도록 폭탄의 하강 속도에 따라서 높은 드래그 폭탄에 그들은 특별한 꼬리 지느러미에 적합.


MK - 82 폭탄은이 위키를 읽어보고 당신이 그것을 밖으로 감각 이상하게 도움이된다면.


When dropping a bomb the plane can suffer damage from it's own munitions when dropping from too low of an altitude. So on a high drag bomb they fit special tail fins onto it to slow the descent of the bomb to allow the plane to get out of the impact area and mimimize risk of the plane taking a hit.


Read this wiki about the MK-82 bomb and see if it helps you make anymore sense out of it.


I hope this makes sense to you, the language barrier at times can be troubling.

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High drag = for low level bombing runs has a "drag chute" at the back after weapons release. Like Qazme said it prevents blast damage to your aircraft at low level giving more time before impact. This time allows you to put more distance between you and the target:



Low drag = for higher level bombing:



I hope my english was simple enough for you to understand :)


Happy flying!



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Hi Sarancha. You don't need to say sorry to us for your English - your English is 1000 times better than our Korean!


When you read about "drag" you are reading about the force that tries to slow down something (e.g. an A-10C) that is moving through a gas (e.g. air) or a fluid (e.g. water).


If you put your hand out of the window of a car when it is on the freeway, the feeling of wind pushing your hand is the result of "drag".


The MK-82AIR bomb has a "ballute", like a small parachute, attached to its rear (a "high drag assembly") that causes the bomb to fall slowly, due to the increased drag, allowing you to drop it at low altitudes and still have time to escape the explosion.

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