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Realistic Sun Mod

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-- Available for Download --


I have been playing around with the Sun today and have uploaded the results to the User Files section.


I also found out how to remove the Sun's glare and keep the lovely HDR effects.


1. Navigate to the following folder in your DCS A-10C install folder - \DCS A-10C\Bazar\Effects\PostMotionEffect\options

2. Make a backup of the file hdr.lua

3. Open the original hdr.lua with notepad++

4. Find the following text and replace 3.0 with 0.0 to remove the effect

-- sun glow radius
hdr['glow_radius'] = 3.0

5. Start DCS A-10C and enjoy flights without the glare in your eyes...


Screenshot Comparisons below, enjoy and happy hunting.





Comparison Screenshot HERE


It just removes the milky effect that covers the screen.

It doesn't remove the bloom effect of the sun (lightening and darkening of screen)

Look at the third image, in both the cockpit is hard to see because of the bloom effect darkening the screen but on the right, imho, the image is more realistic.

You are still affected by the sun but the cockpit remains clear.

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added remove glare code
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