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Dimebug Free stencil A-10C cocpkit project


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First, be advised that english isn't the first language i've learned ;)


Hello, my way to support DCS A-10C and help a Friend to build his cockpit...

First, thanks to all others pit builder who reactivated the virus with their nice amazing projects, thanks to people building the right stuff and tools, SC Simulation guys, Opencockpits... and a big thumb up for the DCS team, they give us the kind of software we've all dreamed about.


I've started to design a modular A-10C cockpit. You can build just console, front panel or everything as you wish. Each component is independent.


This is not a 100% realistic cockpit, i don't have access to the real plane (no A-10 C in France..) and cannot guarantee the exact dimensions (i may be pretty close but...).


If you want something better, go for the commercial versions or well known auctions website. Here the goal is simply to allow everyone to "fly" in a seriously improved environnement at a "wife compatible" cost.


The main goal is to create something inexpensive to build, as simple as possible, but with a good looking result and easy to complete with realistic panels ect... this means 90% realistic.


The cockpit, especially the left console is designed "Fit and Play" for the Thrustmaster Warthog.


Available Parts :



Flancs :




Center console (previous link was broken, thanks Chester2175 to advise me of the issue):




Glareshield detail are in the pdf attached here : http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1305695#post1305695


The side Console PDF and manual are available here :




a little animation done by Linden, displaying the assembly of the left console.


The progress:


I can eventually make the 2 sides of the airplane if anyone wants to build them


Yet, i didn't plan to create the panels, i will see for that point later.




Everything will be available for free, as stencil in PDF Formal, scale 1/1. I will also write a quick assembly guide and bill of materials.


Have a nice flying day.










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looks great! thanks for sharing!


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looks good! There is a lot to making something like this, materials ( thicker = more cost), displays, electronics, panels, switches, software, etc.... If you keep it simple, but functional... then you will succeed !

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Hi Dimebug. Looks great. Think you're on it already but just in case. One idea to further lift the apperance of flat empty panels might be to "snatch" the graphics from inside the DCS or likewise instead of pure b/w stencils. Haven't a qlue if it's possible from current version,though Could be extracted from L.O. earlier versions at least. Allmost all panels exept the FM/AM radios are at (or close to) the scale.




-edit. Looking a bit closer know on the 'stencils' I see it's the A version. You probably got the C-ver already otherwise there are a high-res post around here by paulrkiii http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=63481


-edit#2, IML'd my head ;-) and found the link

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Très bien dimebug,


That pit looks great. I have been looking around for plans and I think I just found them. I have a few questions


1) What is the approximate width of the front dash i.e. from the Flap indicator to the fuel gauge. I'm wondering what size monitor would be required in standard landscape mode or perhaps 2 monitors in portrait mode.


I thinking Helios would work great there.


2) Have you thought about a chair. Do you plan to include plans to build one?


Personally with my financial and time budget I would aim to have the Front Panel gauges live via say Helios and perhaps a few important switches like gear lever, master arm etc. The rest of the controls I would set via iControl DCS (the upcoming Anroid version).


Live or not I think sitting in that pit would add greatly to the immersion.


Looking forward to the plans.

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little progress...


1) we started with the idea to add a 27 inch screen behind the front dash, but it's pretty complicated, 2 or 3 screens could be better. PM your email to me, I can send you a pdf file with the front dash scale 1/1.

Now we're going to experiment soon the use a a projector to display all instruments (managed by Helios). This solution may not be much more expensive than several video card + screens...


2) the buider is going to use the famous "how to ace II" free plans, i do not plan to make something new here, exept if i have an access to a real Ace II seat.

Http : / / g o . t o / s imh a n g a r

or i suggest a Kit from SCSimulations.com




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Looks very good Dimebug, PM Sent :)

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I'm also very interested in the rear projection front console. It may make it very easy to make some interchangeable front consoles!


Damn! Good thinking, you can find first surface mirrors in old rear projection TVs (if you know someone that's throwing one out). All you would need is a screen that could catch the image from behind. Depending on what kind of projector and how much throw it has you may not even need a mirror.

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yes, coupled with Helios, it should be very interesting and flexable. Gadroc, i need your help for some LUA Helios thrustmaster target interfacing :)


Please don't request the pdf yet. I will release plans once finished and when each module fits perfectly the others, i also want to avoid many different versions of the files.


For those who only plan to use the front panel, i can already send a file that will provide you some serious help. For others who want to buid consoles, center piedestal, i suggest to wait.


No worrys, it's coming. This week i've been dealing with the rudder area and i'm now waiting for some test results to see distance requiered for the projector to cover the front panel. Once done, i will finish external ribs and then, it will be time for document and finally, your turn to play with tools.


I've attached a mini manual file for one console (no stencil inside, just assembly order). Please give me your opinion on the content, if it please you and seems clear enough.

manual left console.pdf

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The rear-projection version of this material might work. Use acrylic windows for instrument/displays, then apply this stuff to each window.




YouTube example;



Down side: it isn't cheap!



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great link, thanks. I did a little test wit my old infocux X3, to get an image large enought(80cm) to cover all instruments for the front panel, i need to place the projector 1.45 meter away from the surface.

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Cool dimebug I need to compare the size of your proj. with my Infocus LP640. As for screen surfaces I think tracing paper is a great idea not to mention way cheaper than other methods. At very least I could try it and wouldn't be out but a few dollars. Now the question is; are you going to skin this set up in the end? If so may need some vents and even a fan because a proj. puts off a lot of heat.

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i plan to skin it, but yes, with a projector, you need to have a good venting.


Basically, i wanted to skin only in the cockpit area, but if i must keep 1.8 meter to allow the use of a projector really change the rules.

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Hi there Dimebug,

Yeah the manual is realy good and easy to follow. Just 1 point though, here in the UK i can not find 20mm plywood anywhere only 18mm so might have to adjust my dimensions as needed, also is there any reason why MDF can not be used ??. looking forward to the release of the PDF`s.

best regards grayson

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