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Smerch Hunt - Start to Finish


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Hello all,


Posted on You tube, showing the Smerch Hunt mission, from start to finish. Had to post it in 7(!) parts, because the nice people at You Tube doesn't allow my account to upload videos with more than 15 minutes of lenght.

As soon as you open the first video, a playlist will load the other videos automatically; however, if you desire, you can watch them individually.


I choose this mission because it is a very complete one, in a sense that you need to be pretty familiar with most of the aircraft systems, like armaments and mainly the CDU, in order to input the coordinates given by the CAOC and JTACs.

Also, you need to contact two different JTACs to coordinate the attack.


Like said in the video description, it is not a tutorial or has any intent of being one. It is not to show the "right" way of doing things in this particular mission; just my way, with my mistakes.

It has, however, the intent of helping out the novice player who has been facing dificulties in this particular mission or in the game in general.


I hope you enjoy!




P.S.: Sorry about the low video quality; still learning this craft.




Special thanks:

- ED, for this amazing sim;

- WarriorX, for its guides on how to input coordinates on the CDU;

- Dynamo, for showing at this thread ( http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=66422) how to program the CDU to compensate for wind;

- Ranger79, for the cool green digital cammo.


Part 01 of 07:


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This is an amazing sim! 'Nuff said!:pilotfly:


YouTube: SloppyDog

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