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Formation Flying


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Very cool, Thanks!

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Combat Wombat's Airfield & Enroute Maps and Planning Tools



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Is it freaky to find stuff with your name already on it?


What's the "radio ID in HUD?"


Also, at least one typo "brake" "break."


What do you mean name already on it?


Radio ID in HUD is a suite 5 or 6 upgrade that I didn't catch to take out. If there is only one typo than in a 53 page document I'm happy :D


That being said what page is it on?

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Someone said "nice find" like you found it instead of wrote it. Page 7, couple of "wheel breaks."


Good document. I've seen this before but it was for general USAF or F-16s or something. It's good to have one so close to home for the A-10.


I got ya...I used the actual A-10 Weapons School document for this so it's the same thing our real pilots have to study and learn. There are many more classified documents that I can't modify/release.

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