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LTV A-7E Corsair II

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ScreenShot_001-2-1.jpg Hi all, I am from Greece and I am try to complete an A7-E Corsair II for FC2. I have advanced the model so far with out a problem but now I have stuck, you see I’m not a experience modeler, the only program that I am familiar is Blender, where still trying to learn. I manage to learn how to animate with the 3ds Max 7 by seeing some videos in another post but I can make the NAV lights in Max, I don't know how because I don't know even the basics in 3ds MAX. If someone write a step by step for a dummy like me, I would appreciate it tremendously.



This is my first 3D model and of course it's not much the standards of the beautiful hi poly models that I have see in the forum, but I want to complete it.


Video and pictures:












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very nice job- :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: . About the lights : take a look over the material editor please. There you have some interesting settings for every material you actually use. So you can bring all textures to glow for examble -


Hope this will help you for your great work.

My best wishes,




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That or use one plane and make it a "sprite". Nice work so far!

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:thumbup: Fastastic job!


Ελπίζω να είναι σύντομα έτοιμο να το πετάξουμε!! :thumbsup:

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A very nice model!

I guess the HAF still has the A-7K/C deployed with the 336th FBS, but that info was some time ago. Thank you!






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lol I always loved that airbreak, it looks like an upside down middle finger:)

Awesome model


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