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Su-25/T Movie,"Surprise"


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Here's my second attempt with Lock-On movies,and a long one :)


Movie features both Su-25 and Su-25T in the same mission.This isn't a shoot 'em up movie,it has a short story and follows it.It is 13:03 long and 93Mb.





*Since our squad FTP is not working for now,I had to upload it to megaupload.com.You have to wait 30 secs to download and download speed may not be good.


Any mirrors are welcome.

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Ok,thanks for your interest.


I'll try to keep my "work" to myself next time.


Oh, don't be that way. For those of us with dial up connections, this movie is a two day download. So a bit of patience is required. It just finished downloading a short time ago. Just got to watch it. Most enjoyable. Thank you.



YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU1...CR6IZ7crfdZxDg



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Appreciate very much the hard work that must go into making your movie.

Su25T and Su25 paired up in a mission are sooo cool.

I really liked the shoot of the air base pre-attack where you run the camara

around the base well done.

Also ending the vid with nice slow landing is very classic.


I have been to Ukraine a few times working on my job and I can tell you

your choice of music would go over big with the guy's over there.

They love AC/DC


Well Done



Christopher M

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Can someone host it for me?

I'm downloading the movie at 6kB/s; and usually I download stuff at 200kB/s. I'm not that desperate. I remember good old dial-up modem era, but I don't feel like I want to re-experience it again :)

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That was a blast..thankyou:icon_jook

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