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Glowing_Amraam proudly presents: Operation Souther Cross REDUX

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Hello folks. Well, finally, i have completed the next movie for The Black Sea Operations. IMO, this is the best movie i've made to date.


Turn up the volume, hit fullscreen, sit back, and enjoy ;)




Huge thanks to http://www.lockonskins.co.uk for hosting it for me!


Special thanks goes out to the following Lock On squadrons:






A special scene in the movie could not have been created without the help of these squadrons. Thank you.

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Whow well thats ...äh stunning? impressive? ecstatic? fantastic?


yeah!!!!, All of that and even more !!!!!


... ups, whats that white glibber on my CRT? ...



being honest:


- Earblasting Sounds (love my 5.1 :rolleyes: )

- perfect editing (some scenes a little dark? ... only nitpicking ...)

- feeling for dramaturgy (is that writen like this?)


After seeing this i feel like a Hero! Where is my F15, i gona kick some but! :icon_axe:

I m curious what u bring up next! Certainly will play ur Campaign!


S! from Germany




:icon_pray :icon_pray :icon_pray :icon_pray :icon_pray :icon_pray :icon_pray

"Helicopters can't fly; they're just so ugly the earth repels them." (THX Rich :thumbup: )



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Good flick :)


...This summer we'll wish it was...


Which summer?Last year was last summer,this year it's this summer and next year it's next summer? :bebebe: The trailers are here,the website is here.Even wallpapers and a new lockon menu is here.Is it going to be a 300 mission one or your mission maker is just lazy? :D

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Outstanding job as always, Glowing Amraam.

I'm also proud I could take my part in the footage.

I feel hmm Immortalized :)


Thanks Are For You!

51PVO Founding member (DEC2007-)

100KIAP Founding member (DEC2018-)


:: Shaman aka [100☭] Shamansky

tail# 44 or 444

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] 100KIAP Regiment Early Warning & Control officer

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Oh my FKING GOD!!!!

Glowing Amramm, that's some incredible moive:p !!!!!!!!!!!!

You are better then Steven himself (Spielberg:P)..


Got one question! Since i'm still on 1.02 and working on getting 1.1 any day now...were those airplane sounds from the game when F-15 flew between the mountains or was it edit?


Thnx and again...G-A keep doin your thing...:) i hope some day i can be in one of your movie...that would be a honour ;)


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