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isometric views are porked on some vehicles


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isometric views are porked on some vehicles,can't remember which ones as it was late when I noticed them.You get in the view and all you see is the 3d model as if your embedded in it/or just behind the pieces.You can't see anything in the enviorment.what exacly is the ismetric view purpose anyway?Also,some wierd things are happening in the blackshark cockpit when looking at certain places in the pit...it starts to wobble uncontrolably even though your not moving your head(kinda hard to explain really.but I,ve never seen anything like it before)It just "wigs out" at a certain spot(right window frame front and left down collective area.Also a request that when switching from 1st person view to external,it doesn't act as a toggle the external f7 is cycling (which its supposed to) but we need the same system as the other modules were it doesn't cycle until after you view yourself.In other words it sticks in cycle f7 even after you return to 1st person.Again hard to explain.I guess a dedicated SELF external view for ground units is needed same way the aircraft do it.Also ...can we get the missle view moved on the bradley to the OTHER side and FORWARD of the launcher as it obscures most of the front right side.Ya can't see shit with it like that.


Just a suggestion...get a copy of steelbeasts pro for the office so the model/code builders can get an idea of what we need to see in our vehicles.Seems to me its a good resource.


opps forgot to mention the the blackshark problem was with TrackIR on

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