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Serial numbers management for multiplayer (NOT StarForce!)


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We have created a page to manage serial numbers. It's very basic now. Right now it's possible only "to release" serial numbers.




When you might need it. There is an error during login. Eg. "Invalid Product Key". It might appear when serial number is bound to one website account and you login with another one. Then you open this page and unbind your serial number. You don't need to find the right account any more. Just unbind serial number and login with any account.


Regarding feedback. We are aware the functionality is only basic one yet. Expect new features to be added some day. Including an ability to pass serial numbers (I write "including" while we are considering it yet).


EDIT: EinsteinEP wrote a detailed illustrated guide on SimHQ.


EDIT: This page contains only multiplayer data base serial numbers. It has nothing to do with purchase records and StarForce.


shadowze's description:

1.) Logged into account1 at the DCS Website and unbound the serial number.

2.) Logged out.

3.) Started A-10 Multiplayer v1.1.1.1, and logged in as account2.

4.) logged out.

5.) Logged into account2 at the DCS Website and both serial numbers were now there!


Discussion in another thread. Any feedback is welcome. Questions are too.

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