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ideas on 1.2 future new effects and sounds

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3d cockpit rain droplet and sound effect of rain hitting the canopy ,heres a small movie clip i made with the sound...


also add the effect of snow flakes hitting the canopy....

also options for the effects =on off

this is really well done in fs2004 ......



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But on the A-10 they would be nice.


I'll second that :p



Just for the record, any comment saying "Hey, can you add this extra feature I've just thought of" probably isn't going to get discussed, implemented, fixed, and sorted within the time limit for v1.2 . . . . added to the list of things that might be done to the engine eventually, perhaps, but I seriously doubt it's going to happen by v1.2 in any case.


Before adding the sounds, I'd want to check that you could hear them . . . . I've never sat in a fighter in a rainstorm, but wearing a helmet, with jet noise, aircon, radio, so on and so forth . . . . . would the sound of snow or rain hitting the canopy be significant?

Just asking.


Slippery runways and adding streaks to the canopy in the rain would be kind of cool - and I've just remember someone asking whether the windscreen wiper on the Ka50 would be animated and working . . . . hmmmn . . . . grin.

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Goya, I second your post, but wouldnt be animated Turbines nice?






Yes, and I could make a very long list of things that would be nice additions to LOMAC, but adding new things instead of fixing existing problems doesn't make sense to me. It seems ED can't fix anything without creating something else to fix. There are some good fixes in 1.11 but there are also things that are problems now that weren't problems in 1.1.

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