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DCS World/Steam Integration Process?

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I just downloaded DCS World and am having trouble getting it to recognize my DCS-A10 steam install. I had A-10 previously installed and have used it. But I still get the purchase icon for the module which takes me to the webshop, within DCS World.


Is there a specific process to follow to get it to recognize the steam install?


Here is what I've come up with so far (but not working) can anyone add/detract from the following steps to get it to work?


1. Install (via steam) DCS A-10C

2. Run instant mission in A-10C (to force activation)

3. Install DCS: World

4. Run DCS World

5. Select A-10C from instant mission to force activation. (this doesn't work as it doesn't show up under mission or campaign selection, on the SU-25T does)


Someone mentioned there maybe a way to directly paste the steam CD Key for A10 into DCS World???




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