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Okay can i get an explanation 4 this??


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Been testin out the f-15 radar and AIM 120 recently... (the manual/tutorial fail to explain this)


after AIM 120 launch, the lower left corner of the HUD displays 2 flashing numbers.. (from testin, i assumed that the 1st number was the timer b4 the AIM 120 becomes active, and the second number was the total time before intercept with target).


The bottom right corner of the hud (with the "m" + number), I assumed was the time before the NEXT aim 120 becomes active; and this seems to hold true cuz after the M timer reaches 0 sec, a "T" timer appears, which is always after the aim 120 is within "fire and forget" range of less than 8 nm.


OKAY, my question is thus... after launch of AIM120, the 2 flashing numbers on the lower left of HUD begin the countdown... after the 1st number reaches zero, the 2nd number becomes the 1st number, and a new number appears immediately to the right.


what do the numbers represent (left and right) at this point??

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