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Multimonitor Alignment


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Hello there, I got a Monitor Setup like this monitor_setup.PNG.4386819e9874d8957e44616b5ad71dc3.PNG.


I already found the "PhantomMonitorFix.exe" To resolve the issue, that my primary Screen is always my 0|0 coordinate for my viewport.


But because my 3 main monitors (1, 2, 3) which shall display my viewport, have different heights, my center monitor gets cut ~120 pixels from the bottom and moving the viewport up.


also my MFDs displayed on 4 are slightly off due to the window repositioning i guess.


Anyone has any other fix than the PhantomMonitorFix.exe?


And no, I don't want to move my primary monitor to the left. it would screw up my whole other system settings.


Thanks in advance

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