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SU-25T - Correct rearm/refuel/repair sequence?


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Hi there,


I looked in the manual and on the board. I'm having trouble finding a proper warm restart guide for the SU-25T, assuming it has been damaged in combat.


Looking at the A-10, I see the procedure is something like:


1. Taxi

2. Come to a complete stop.

3. Call for external electric power.

4. Turn off engines.

5. Call for repairs.

6. Call for re-arm.

7. Call for refuel.

8. Disconnect external power.

9. Restart right, then left engine.


Am I missing something here?

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Sorry, it works. I found in another post that the ground crew needs the canopy open + engines and APU off.


Oh, and engines and APU off BEFORE you can connect external power, it would appear.


Also, there is a bug where if the fuel is anything less than 100% the crew refuses to refuel the airplane.


IMO, there should really be an indicator or a stopwatch or something that shows you work is being done...

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Someone can confirm that since the 1.2.0 the LAlt+' remarming and refueling windows was disable ?

Or the key was change or i have a problems ?

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I've been able to do a hot Su25T refuel/rearm without turning off the engines...


- Stop

- Request external electric power

- Request refuel

- Request rearm

- Taxi and take off


Of course, if you need repair you'll have to turn off your engines.

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