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реалистичный соне для DCS World


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скачать >>> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1526362&posted=1#post1526362



копировать "Bazar" в "DCS World"


When someone translates the ReadMe into Russian I will include it in the download.:)



The ReadMe:


Realistic Sun 1.2.1

This version includes Mustang's Sky.FX changes and has a fine-tuned Rays.tga.


It also includes the template I used to create the Rays.tga





Copy the 'Bazar' folder into your DCS World installation and allow to overwrite.


Example path :

C:Program FilesEagle DynamicsDCS World


Backup files are provided in 'original file DCS 1.2.0 sun'.



Before/after video:



All intensive test where made with HDR "Normal" and 1920x1080 16:9


- if is this isn't working like on the video for you

and you want to change the point when the darkening of the HDR kicks in:




Eagle DynamicsDCS WorldBazarshaderssky




and change in line #49 the "300.0".


to a smaller value = later HDR

or greater value = sooner HDR


use steps of 10.0 and make a test in-game

-than fine-tune it.


Keep in mind that the HDR effect highly depends of your used FOV (Zoom) and how dark the actual scene is.


Higher the FOV in the external views to take screen-shots with full sun.

>>> R-Ctrl+NumPad/ <<<


Please provide Feedback in this thread:





Many thanks to Mustang for showing me the right place to search for a fix!







Edited by PeterP

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Автор, наверное,в курсе и делал это со своими соображениями, но, по-моему, оригинальный вариант лучше имитирует опущенный солнцезащитный щиток.


I think original colors are more realistic to imitate sight through the helmet sun-visor.

I don't know but I've been told

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This mod is not about colours - it is about the size of the sun.

The real sun covers only 0.53° your view.

My files changes the size to 0.7° .


I wrote in the ReadMe how to tweak the HDR darkening and I also provided the template of the Rays.tga - so you can change it back to the old neon-look if you want.

All has to be much more blueish or just use the original Rays.tga and don't copy my.

Edited by PeterP
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PeterP, THX for work and for re_post at RU_forum.

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Change plz! title of the topic from реалистичный соне to Реалистичное солнце для DCS World

Your variant a little incorrect translation :book:

And one more! nice mod! I like :thumbup:

Не говорите что мне надо делать и я не скажу куда вам надо идти…

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Thanks! I notified the Moderators.


:P I use goggle translate for the RU forum and dont speak Russian. - well, I learned how to pronounce the Cyrillic alphabet while learning the Ka-50

- but it dosent help much to understand everything :P

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