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Terrain updates for Caucasus


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I assume that FC3 is going to keep the same terrain. In order to keep the terrain quality up to ED's high standards, there are some changes which are necessary to make, if you purport to model the Caucasus.


#1: You need braid streams: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braided_river

Almost all rivers in Georgia, for the upper half of their drainage network, take this geological form, which is quite distinctive. In spring, snow melt makes the small winding channels into a single torrent, but in other seasons the river bed is choked with stone or sand, breaking the water up into thin little channels.


#2: Suburban village and urban (think Tbilisi) architecture. The Caucasus is much more residential and less developed than the urban Kuban or Crimea. Currently, DCS models only Soviet-style settlements well, but the Caucasus has its own styles of construction. Currently, Tbilisi looks all wrong, as do many mountain villages, which are too industrial.

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I saw a terrain discussion thread and unlike an airplane wish it’s not something to be discussed.


What I’m writing in this post is a bit irrelevant and at the same time it’s the terrain view subject and its creation.


In the past I had an interest in the creation of scenery for FSX and after some research and tutorials I had discovered a variety of data and methods.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a program that could process the data of elevation, roads, textures, towns, forests and produce a scenery module, for anywhere in the world?

Well it’s far fetched but I had discovered some ideas that worked, for example: a program similar to the Tile-proxy that produced a BGL file which cloud be placed into the scenery container. I believe UTX and other add-ons have the road, river, towns data etc …which has been obtained, processed and converted.


Digital Elevation Models, I thought they were freely available to the resolution of 5 metres, terrain textures were obtained by photographic scenery developers.

So how is it informative? Well I don’t know, when I look I see.

This is google earth of the region where we shoot at each other.



I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.

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