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Logitech G25 pedals BS2

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Hi guys , i have a Logiteck attack 3 and a g25 racing wheel.

When i go in the option menu , the sim see the first and the second one , but not the pedals , i mind it see all the buttons , on the wheel , on the gear sistem , but when i press the pedals for the rudder , nothing it dont recognize them ...

I have dcs world 1.2.0 ( with patch BS2)and BS 2 standalone.

What is the problem , i try everything , but i dont know why the sim dont see the pedals , Thank you !

AMD Phenom II x4 945 3.0ghz 8G Ram Windows 7 64bit ATI Radeon HD 5700 1G

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I used the forum-search for 30sec and it spit out this link you may want to read:





TRITATUTTO, I had a look at your join-date and post count...


So here comes my "standard Ka-50 newbie reply" wink.gif:


Read also besides the manual this:

DCS: Black Shark...

Technical, Simplified

-Coaxial Rotor Aerodynamics

-Trimming the Ka-50 Black Shark <<<!!!! very important to understand this fully!

-Part 1 - Autopilot <<<this too!

-Part 2 - Autopilot



Interactive training missions:

KA-50 Black Shark 2 Training missions


And when you still have time , read this too:

A Stick and Rudder Man's Guide

to DCS: Black Shark


Here is a useful tweak if you using real rudders:

How to unchain the rudder from trim - solution


Things you want to have some day too:


KA-50 collective: another picture-tale


Two MS FFB2 with Cougar Grip




Now there should be (for the next time) no questions left!smile.gif

Welcome aboard!

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