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Reinstalling LockOn, but....

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... but I need some help before I do something wrong because I already installed the v1.11 patch and I don't know if it is possible to run the registry saving utility with the patch installed.


If it works, how should I proceed from here? Should I reinstall LockOn 1.1 after reinstalling WinXP and then aply the patch before recovering the saved registry, or should I install v1.1, recover the registry keys and only then install the 1.11 patch?


Thx for any help!

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Hi all and jcomm.


It will work with the 1.11 patch.


This is what I did:


Installed LOMAC 1.0


Installed Flaming Cliffs 1.1

Tried to run Flaming Cliffs 1.1

Applied the saved registry key.

Ran Flaming Cliffs 1.1

Installed Flaming Cliffs 1.1 Seasons Pack

Installed Flaming Cliffs 1.1 Movie Pack

Ran and watched Flaming Cliffs 1.1 Movie about Sams.

Installed Flaming Cliffs 1.11 patch.

Ran Flaming Cliffs 1.11



Everything works fine.



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