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Sound Issues

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Have had these for a while. Not sure of the cause as of yet.



1. Maximum Volume Engine Sounds (which resemble the PlaneSuperSonic.ogg cranked all the way up) at the air bases when other planes are present in multiplayer missions. These sounds are present with all sound sliders moved to the far left except the top volume which I have set at 2.5. Hitting the Afterburners momentarily will usually quiet this sound.


2. Shrilling of the engine turbines when pressing F1 after pressing any other function key (F2 - F12). Going Supersonic or entering the displaced threshold after landing will quiet this shrill sound.


I have experimented with the sound files in the sound folder and have found that removing the files that begin with "Plane" makes the annoyance a bit more tolerable. This is because the problem seems to be at a lower volume and changing the engine RPM even slightly will quiet the sounds. However (always a tradeoff) certain AI planes do not have there sounds now. I haven't tested all the human driven planes yet but I think the 25T has some small issues with these files missing.


If anyone has experienced this and found a solution please post it.


When all else fails, Eject then read the manual.

Oh, and a good wingman helps.

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