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Straight forward question regarding "Updated HUD and cockpit systems"


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All those folks more familiar with russian birds (namely Migs and Flankers) know the HDD (Head Down Display) can also show the HUD symbology (presumably in NAV mode). Was this feature added to russian fighters in FC3?


Just wondering. :)


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The planes we have in FC series (29A aka 9.12 29S - 9.13 and the Sukhoi) can only show the same on the HDD. Doenst matter the mode you are in (if i remember correctly)


I might be wrong, but IIRC that's certainly true for the MiGs since the GCI equipment was never integrated with the HDD (there's a switch 'TAKT' - for the tactical mode? - on the HDD, but it's either there because it was meant to be integrated later on but never was or it's because the HDD equipment parts are shared with the Su-27 perhaps, just guessing). When you think of it, it really didn't make sense to install it - the MiG-29 is a point-defence fighter with short range and loiter time and only two medium range missiles - so, it's task was - simply put - to intercept a certain target assigned and guided to by the GCI, turn the radar on, acquire the target, fire both missiles and get back.


The Su27 has a much longer range and loiter time, bigger radar and more medium range missiles (6), so it makes sense to install it there (and more space to install such systems). Not exactly sure of the Su-27S (probably has it, too, don't have any literature handy on a business trip), but the Su-27P was the PVO version so I'm sure it had the fully integrated GCI equipment.

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