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I have to say THANKS ED !!


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I wanted to sincerely thank the ED team for the immense work he is doing in their products, quality and customer services ever more effective and growing.


Build 6192 works perfect, in general I think this is one of the most effective patches. It is true that sometimes we had to be patient, but I think the result was worth the pain tremendously!


In view of gratitude, here is a little video I made with the build6148. Version was not yet fully optimized, but I was happy.


Thanks for Watching.





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Yes ED has been extremely good about the updates, and communication the past week. Glad everything is coming together and the issues getting stomped out rather fast.


Autoupdater has been a great tool, and I am glad it is working so well.


FPS has been addressed and fixed which was my main issue. The new little features are very cool as well. Love the new smoke trails for instance.


To top it off ED is using Richardo' HS pits for FC3. Another salute to ED and users working together. Now use his KA50 HD cockpit as well, ED!


Anyway, I am impressed with ED even though I am pretty new to the series. Looking forward to more now.



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Thank you thank you thank you. I can´t get tired saying this.


Great perfomance, great visuals, great everything. This is how DCSW would be, and now we got it ¡¡


Keep doing this great work, kind support to our whishes and desires and be prepared for our money. It´s time to enjoy this great simulator and let grow it´s potential.

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Yes agree with all those comments

ED does a good job and DCS becomes what we always wanted (we just wait FC3, and Nevada).

All modules and FC3 working toghether will just be awesome and it can fit anyone's taste.

Also ED just add features at every release even if they don't mention it, and that's great.

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if you read this you are too curious



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Fairly new here too but not new to ed products. I too think its very nice to find so much and so inmediate support. Even the greatest software has problems but few of them has a good support team.


So another big :thumbup: from me.


Even better now that in the near future 1.2.1 is going to be neat you will have time to announce dcs: su27 :music_whistling:

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We are enjoying A-G and CA from day to night, the platform runs really stable now, thanks ED! thanks Test Team !

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Never thought it was possible to have such a good performance like we have now with this last update.

Amazing work.

Windows 7 Professional x64, EVGA GTX 1060 6GB,

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