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A few bugs I have found


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Hey everyone, I would just like to chime in on a few issues I have found so far in the newest DCS World.


1. For some reason, my mouse freaks out when hovering over buttons. It literally just goes crazy and doesn't want to click on the item. I can post a video of need be, but it seems to just jump in circles around it.


2. Sometimes, the menus are un-clickable, as in when you press escape and it comes up with resume, quit, etc. it just won't let me click it.


3. The runways are badly numbered. Runways are supposed to be numbered by magnetic heading, and they simply just are not. I have an instrument check-flight today over approaches, so I wanted to do a simulated VOR DME approach, using an airport as that point since the A-10 has DME (GPS distance). I was flying to Beslan on an 8 DME arc through thunderstorms, and because my ILS power wasn't clickable due to my mouse freaking out, I was forced to shoot the approach using this method only. Runway 10 was where I was intending on landing, so I went all the way around until I reached my final approach course of 100. Granted, runways are not perfectly lined up with magnetic heading (ex. my airport here is listed as 35, but it is actually 356), but I was at least 20 degrees off. I double and triple checked, I was flying 100 inbound, and the runway had to be at least 080*. ED, if you have time after doing other major bugs, could you address this issue?


Just some input for you guys, thanks again for these great sims!

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