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Hi guys


Can some one tell me if Servman is still working in the 1.2.1

for some reason it whont work for me




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It's not working on my end.


I just recovered my original main.lua and will wait until Master Panzertard comes back with his blessings.




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It does work but you need to realize the custom chat messages don't- but if you go into your saved games folder and look in the appropriate one servman is keeping the chat logs- provided of course you keep them. I also recently learned someone was kicked as per my configuration for a friendly fire kill-


We do, however, apparently need to go back in and replace the main.lua file (that's the one changed within 1.2 / 1.2.1- each time an update is applied to dCS world. There is a copy of the required file above in the other servman thread about page 19 or so.


There are some other subtleties- but many are covered in the above thread. I found them quite easy to negotiate. It's just it doesn't SEEM to be working without our MOTD working and access to many of the / commands.

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