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BlackShark Wingmen


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Commands to AI wingman in campaigns is gone with the latest 1.2.1 World.


You can communicate with flight, and if you have 1 wingman, you have no options to communicate. If you have 4 wingmen, you can communicate with wingman 3 and 4.


Another bug that I cannot reproduce is with one wingman, giving commands with the "flight" menu, any attack order will be declined. From datalink targets, to attack my target, to attack ground targets, etc. are all replied with a negative.


Seems 2 out of 5 missions this happens. Makes it hard to do a campaign when you are the only "active" aircraft and your wingman is just following you like a puppy.



i5 3570k @ 4.3

560ti GTX 2gig

8gig RAM

Intel SSD

Win7 64bit



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