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Maverick cannot track targets on top of FARP


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Whenever I try to attack targets which are sitting on top of a FARP, the maverick simply displays "no track launch" and refuses to fire. Even when it is tracking the target.


This should not happen. There is a huge contrast visible on the screen.


Attached is a track featuring H and D Mavericks.


First I lock a SP arty not on a farp to demonstrate that I do know how to do it.

Then I try to fire on targets on a farp, which doesnt work. Then I fire on targets just off the farp which does work.

I then switch to the other mavericks and demonstrate that they do not fire either.


Finally I use force correlate to fire in the general direction of the farp but obviously this is not ideal.



Please fix this.


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That's really helpful.

Any idea of a fixtime? workaround? Solution?


There is none*3.


The problem lies within how the targeting system in DCS works currently, which makes this a pretty big undertaking to fix. It is a given that the status quo needs fixing at some point, but noone can tell you when resources will be available to do so.

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When in doubt drop a MK84 on it.

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