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Maykop ILS frequency?


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I have one question for ED tester team.


For example, the airport Maykop, is equipped with ILS?

Why can not see the ILS and its frequency, on the map editor?

If you change navigation mode to LNDG and set chanel Nr 5 on Su-25T, you can use the ILS for runway 22.

Both onboard instruments ADI and HSI are working properly and show the ILS path.

Please look my screenshot.



But if it is available for the Su-25T, should also apply to other occidental aircraft right?

Or in this airport is using the Russian system RSBN and the Su-25T is equipped with the additional tool KPPM?


About this system I found these Informations on wikipedia but only in German and Russian.









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I would imagine the discrepancy comes from the fact that while the Su-25T uses an old simplified ILS code from the Lockon series that works with any airbase, the A-10C uses a new realistic radio-based ILS system that can work only if implemented on airbases - same with TACAN.


That said, I would personnaly love to see more ILS & TACANs implemented in DCS.


PS: I have not looked into it, though. The A-10C flight manual has a list of radio frequencies for VHF, ILS & TACAN, that should tell you right away if ILS is available at Maykop

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