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BS2 ABRIS in DCS World 1.2.1

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The issue with the overlap of the numbers in the next waypoint information fields at the bottom of the Abris is still present in 1.2.1. This was brought up in an early post in this forum when it showed up in 1.2.0 but was never responded by anyone about it being looked into so it could be address at a later time when more pressing issues where resolved.


Looking at the attached screenshots from BS, BS2 and the most recent version of DCS BS2 it almost looks like there is more space between the numbers and the field names which is causing the overlap.




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I have to wonder if this was even worth posting this on the bug forum. Not one reply about this being a know issue from the developers or ED Testers Team. I am usually able to resolve most issues by researching the forums but in this case this has not been responded to in this post or the previous one when it is showed up in DCS World 1.2.0. I not asking much here just is this a known issue or a problem with my install so I can move on and try to figure what my next step should be. :(

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