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When are the registry paths referenced?


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I'm testing back and forth between running DCSW from a HDD and a RAMDisk.


What I need to know is when it looks to the paths in the registry. If I run the updater from my RAMDisk (R:) for example, will it look to the path in the registry (D:) and update the files there instead of on the RAMDisk?


Or if I've launched the Launcher.exe from RAMDisk and then select a mission and launch BS2, will it look to the registry path and load the BS2/KA-50 module from there, or just look to the mods sub-folder on the same drive it's running from?


I can change the registry paths manually each time (which is what I've been doing to be sure it's not going to load from the HDD when I'm trying to test the RAMdisk) but if this isn't necessary it will obviously make life a bit easier for me. Otherwise I guess I could always make a batch file on each drive to change the registry paths before launching the updater.exe.

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