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Missing JTAC When Joining later in running mission?


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Today we did a little Test.


4x A-10C




Scene 1:

1.Mission Start and Paused

2.Client 1 gets into his A10 and all JTACS respond to him (mission is unpaused now)


3. Client 2 / 3 and 4 joining the running server 1 minute after it has been unpaused >>>>>>> No JTAC in Comm menu.


Scene 2:

1.Mission Start and Paused

2.All 4 Clients are in Lobby from the missions beginning (after loading the mission)

3. All 4 Clients joining their A10 nearly the same time and all got their JTAC in Comm menu.



What i Think is


The JTACs Dont work if you Join a Server later after the mission has been Started and runs 1 sec.+:mad:


So only the first Clients which are on the server from missions begining get's JTACs


Can Somebody reproduce this Proplem?








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yeah I have noticed something in multi player.

If there is a mission where JTAC becomes available later in the mission and you have to quite and rejoin you will not be able to get the jtac on the radio menu.


Maybe the mission creators need to redesign the triggers to reassign the JTAC every 1-5 mins when he is active.

Mods I use: KA-50 JTAC - Better Fire and Smoke - Unchain Rudder from trim KA50 - Sim FFB for G940 - Beczl Rocket Pods Updated!

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RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR2

HDD: 1TBGB Crucial SSD

OS: Windows 10, 64-bit

Peripherals: Logitech G940 Hotas, TrackiR 5, Voice Activated commands , Sharkoon 5.1 headset. ,Touch Control for iPad, JoyToKey

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Alright, because I had the problem where my mate that wasn't hosting the server didn't have JTAC radio menu. For some arcane reason adding a waypoint to the JTAC seemed to fix it.


But then again it could just be that I waited to unpause till he was in his aircraft the second time around. Easy to get superstitious with the current state of things.

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Does you JTAC answer when it is not the host who contact the JTAC ?


Does you JTAC answer when it is not the host who contact the JTAC ?


Our squadron has a problem. This has been seen on several missions.


When we use JTAC in multiplayer:


- When the client tries to contact JTAC, it doesn't work. JTAC doesn't answer

- When the host try to contact JTAC, it works perfectly well



mission there

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