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Missions - Su27 x2 & Su25T x1


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Thought it was looking like a long time since anybody posted a mission on here - everybody scared off by the high standard - so I though I'd drop it a bit...


Here's 3 missions. 2 for the Su27 one of which "mountains" is pretty damn easy, the other ~ depends how fixated you are on not bailing out :-)

& 1 for the Su25T, which is really the first mission of a 3 part campaign that hopefully I'll get to work on when I've got time off work & is also pretty easy... (was as much an excuse to make the town as anything)


The US landing one - you don't spawn straight away, but watch things unfold a bit. Try to resist "F2"ing to see what's in the air, ctrl+A if you must.


No claim to particular tactical reality. Turn the labels off.. They're not classified so feel free to butcher the 2 longer ones in any way you want.

3 Missions.zip

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Nice Su-27 missions Weta43, couldnt fly the Su25T as only have v1.02 - particularly liked the US landing one, which i tried last night. I got sucked in too close to the carrier and so got easily tagged - D'Oh! Gonna take another crack at it this weekend and fly a little more cautious.......


Sorry Death, you lose! It was Professor Plum....

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