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Z axis to zoom


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Ok so...

I dont want to use z axis on my freetrack to lean in our out... Instead i would like to use it to zoom in and out. I know its unrealistic but i had it with jerky sliders and stuff...

There was a way to change something in config...but i cant remember where it was and i cant find that topic on the forums.

Could anyone help me with it? Atleast point me in the direction where the file containing freetrack/trackir axis is...

I did use that some time ago but i had like 2-3 months brake from dcs;/



NVM i found the solution after long digging :)


To everyone who is tired of leaning in... find default.lua in ur bin dir and edit this line:

{combos = {{key = 'HEADTRACKER_Z'}}, action = iCommandViewLongitudeTransAbs, name = 'Absolute Longitude Shift Camera View'}


{combos = {{key = 'HEADTRACKER_Z'}}, action = iCommandViewZoomAbs, name = 'Zoom View'},



This solution is provided by Doveman and im just reposting it as i cant delete this thread :)


Good night


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