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Campaign Crashes in


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I have been playing the Georgian Hammer CA campaign, since 1.2.0. After the 1.2.1 upgrade, I was at mission 7-1-0. Only issue I had here was that I get the message that the two ground units are ready to advance, but after I clear out some of the tanks in the way, I go to the F10 other menu and there is no way to tell them to go.


I cleared every thing and hung around waiting for them to move, finally gave up and exited. Came back later and selected the campaign and next, and it gave me 7-2-0. All was good, completed that mission, back to campaign screen, hit next, got 8-2-0. Looked at the time and decided it was too late to play, so I exited out back to windows. Came back next day, was assigned 8-1-0? Same issue as 7-1-0, no way to tell ground units to advance! Shot up a bunch of stuff, got a Windows "program has stopped working" message. Only option to close program, ended up back at campaign screen, hit next. Got 8-2-0 again. Flew it, killed objectives, got a mission success you can RTB message.


On to next, got 9-1-0. Same issue as other escort ground units missions, no way to contact them. Contacted JTAC took out first target assignments, got second target assignment. Sent wing man to kill AA gun emplacement, and Bang "Program has stopped working", back to campaign summary and now I get a "You have committed fratricide! And lost all of your kills?!?!"


Tried again, got same 9-1-0 missing. Same issues as before, play for a while and "Program has stopped working", Hit close program, back to summary screen, Now it tells me I have been promoted to Captain!! Whoo Hoo, but before I can celebrate, I get "You have committed fratricide! And lost all of your kills?!?!" AGAIN!

Back to campaign screen, hit next( hoping I don't get 9-1-0 again), I don't, but now I get 11-1-0??!!?? What happened to 10?

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what happen to your logs?

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