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Multi-Monitor support


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With DCS world. having the addition of two aircraft now have the option to use multipul screens. the A-10 having the two MFCD, and the KA-50 having the shkval and the ABRIS. I feel we are in need for a rework for muti monitor support.


As the current standing now. We can not have Seperate LUA files for each aircraft for multi monitor support. By having one file set up for the A10 for each of the square MFCD's and then flying in the black shark the ABRIS is now squshed togeater. On the other hand if you set up the LUA file for the Blackshark. Now jumping into the A10 the right MFCD is streched.


What i would like to see is the ability to set up a LUA file under each seperate aircraft. And by doing this when jumping from one aircraft in muliplayer/single player to another aircraft it selects the LUA muti monitor file listed in the aircraft folder. This providing the ability to have muti moniters configured for each aircraft and automaticly swiched to the current aircraft you are flying.


And more inportantly, as more aircraft become avaliable this would also give the ability for a new LUA file for each new aircraft with out having to worry about the current multi moniter set up for previous aircraft being messed up. Example. squished or stressed mfcd's



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