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Getting GPU high temperature in cockpit view


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Hi all

I'm using DCS with a 3200x1080 resolution for 2 screens, having cockpit view on left 16/9 monitor and mfds or shkval on right monitor, for A-10c and BS2.

P-51 has no mfds so nothing appears on right monitor.

I'm getting lower fps than A-10 or BS2 in cockpit view, about 20-30.

But the weird thing is the high temperature my GTX580OC reaches after flying 5'. And it just happens with the P-51 cockpit view.

After getting audio signals as the gpu alarm at 90ºC goes on, I have to look sideways in cockpit view or use external views for a while to lower the gpu temperature. And on and on as I have to look ahead to fly.. :(



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hey Valewey couple questions for ya.


1. are you using SoftTH to render the game in full screen.

2. Have you thought about getting Helios its FREE! and There are already done profiles for 1080p monitors like ours:)

3. What are the rest of your system specs... ie. Processor and MOBO and Ram Quantity do you have? You can find out by going to START MENUE... then right clicking on "My Computer" icon and click "Properties"

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Modded CapLoz HeliosV2.1_1280x1024.zip


2x 1080p 22"Monitors, Saitek X52, Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals, Trackir5, Win7Pro Pro 64Bit, Intel Q9550 @3.8Ghz, EP45-UD3L, 8GB Ram, Nvidia 560Ti 2GB, 2x 500GB Velociraptor


Flaming Cliffs 3

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Take on Helicopters

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Arma 3


Medivac & Search and Rescue 4 Series



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Yes I have my 3 GPU fans going 100% and both case fans too.

I guess I have plenty of air flow, as with other sim modules there is no pro with GPU temp...


Im not using Softth. With DCS Im using 3200 as width resolution, full screen checked off and the option to have mfds on right screen, wich is an old 4/3 1280x1024, different from the main screen a 16/9 1920x1080


I have an i7 8.., 6 Gb ram, win 7 64b and a nice Gigabyte MoBo ..


Anyway, the thing is that it just happens while using only the Mustangs' f1 view and looking ahead, with cockpit controls in sight.

With the BS2 or A10 doesnt happen.


And I have 512 for cockpit resolution.

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This may or may not be related, but I did think it was worth a mention.


I too have noticed a difference with the view Hitching Severely at the start of a mission or Track file ( sometimes lasting for periods up to 45 seconds ).


BUT...if I switch to 1 of the External camera's, I too notice the problem immediately goes away. I Noticed this while trying to record a couple of videos for youTube recently.

Even If I start in an External view, the Hitching is still there, but not as Severe as it is if loading the Mission/Track file in Cockpit view.


I also have a Logitech G-15 Keyboard with a Fold down screen. On that screen, you can run Applets to show you your current CPU and RAM load live.

I have watched these Graphs ( admittedly they are not the most technical I have seen ) and during the times where I experience these "Hitch's", I can not see any noteable difference in behavour of either the CPU or RAM. Whilst running DCS, I see an average CPU load of around 30% and my RAM is almost neck-and-neck with it at about 28%.


I don't have an Applet that shows my GPU Load, but I can say, that even after flying/recording for about 10 minutes, my fan speeds go up as well ( not to the degree Vakiwey describes ) but it is unusual because since upgrading my PC, nothing seems to get my fans really going like my old Card used to. But I notice that after flying consistantly for around 10 minutes, I can start to experience the "Hitching" at random spots and times.


I have even had Fraps open at the time, and seen that even in the Menu Screen ( just before you enter the mission ) , with the Visuals in the background, I am only getting 1 frame per second. But if I let it sit there for around 30 seconds, It suddenly release's and goes up to around 80fps.


At this time, If I start in an external view, the "Hitching" will last approximately 5-10seconds but is not as severe as if I started in cockpit view. And also, If starting in an external view in the manor above, I can leave it in the menu screen for anywhere up to 5 minutes. I can be getting a frame rate of 49 in the menu for 5 full minutes.


Yet as soon as I click to fly mission ( in an external view ) the "Hitching " returns for approximately 5-10 seconds. once clear, I can switch back to cockpit view and instantly the "Hitch" is there.


I have changed shading, cockpit shadows, resolution of cockpit and more to no avail. I have even just hit the LOW button on graphics, and reguardless of what I try, the hitching is always there. eg. Restarting my system, scanning my system for Malware etc. Checking for problems and more.


I have updated all of my audio and video drivers and more. And the reason I know that they are all up to date is because I only just did a fresh install of windows recently when installing my new Video Card and SSD.


Earlier today, I was starting to wonder how my Hardware could be locking up, if they are all barely being utilized....until I thought " Power Supply ! "


So I changed my Power Supply today to see if that fixed the hitching...and it didn't. I have not found a difference at all. I put the new Power Supply in its box and went back to my old one.


As for dust bunnies, I don't have any either because it got a good clean when I upgraded, and I was surprised that for 2 years of me being lazy, it hardly had any dust in it at all. I have dustier shelves.


I have definately noticed that updating to version is when this first started to happen to me. And there has been nothing to date has seemed to resolve it.

No other Software on my system has displayed anything close to these symptoms and all of them are amazingly smooth on Ultra or High Settings on almost all graphic options.


Admittedly, DCS is a far more complex program to diplay and run than any of the "Push Button Titles".


The only reason I mention that is to me, if my CPU/RAM is running at around 30% load and doesn't change behavour during these times of "Hitching", my GPU hardly raise's a sweat and my fans do kick in but far from 100%..... Maybe there is something else going on.


I never thought to try to look around the cockpit to see if that changed what i see or not ( like Vakiwey did ) but I did find it seems to be the Harshest in Cockpit view, and less and less, the further you get from the Plane. I noticed when making my recent DCS P-51D video, that if I started the mission looking at the ground units, the hitching barely even happens at all. I would call it more of a slight hesitation at the start and gone from there. Switch back to cockpit view and it is back with a vengence.


My situation may be entirely different to Vakiwey's, but the two descriptions of the symptoms observed, do "seem" to be very closely related.


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Just an update.


I thought what I would do is to make an Unlisted Video on youtube to demonstrate the issue's I am seeing is case it is the same as what is seen by Vakiwey.


The video is currently uploading and may be some time ( around 8 hours ) :(


So I also include here, the Track file I created to make the video.

I'm not sure if it is going to work or not. I recently had trouble uploading files until today when I got my ISP to pull thier thumb out and check their settings instead of insisting it was my end.


They finally looked and found my connection was being throttled for no apparent reason. Since he trned that off, my speed are much better. I have not had a chance to upload anything else yet, except for the youtube video ( I will provide the link here when It is uploaded ), and the track file below.


I hope it works for you to see what to expect. If this track file is corrupt too, maybe I should reinstall the whole lot ???


Any advice is welcome.

FPS Loss in Cockpit Demonstration.trk

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The real issue here is why the cockpit view in mustang module, is so GPU stressing. At least mine.


The 'real' issue here is why any game/sim would cause your graphics card to overheat. There is an airflow problem or a hardware problem in your machine.

ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero, i7-6700K, Noctua NH-D14 Cooler, Crucial 32GB DDR4 2133, Samsung 950 Pro NVMe 256GB, Samsung EVO 250GB & 500GB SSD, 2TB Caviar Black, Zotac GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme 8GB, Corsair HX1000i, Phillips BDM4065UC 40" 4k monitor, VX2258 TouchScreen, TIR 5 w/ProClip, TM Warthog, VKB Gladiator Pro, Saitek X56, et. al., MFG Crosswind Pedals #1199, VolairSim Pit, Rift CV1 :thumbup:

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Hi all

I'm using DCS with a 3200x1080 resolution for 2 screens, having cockpit view on left 16/9 monitor and mfds or shkval on right monitor, for A-10c and BS2.

P-51 has no mfds so nothing appears on right monitor.

I'm getting lower fps than A-10 or BS2 in cockpit view, about 20-30.

But the weird thing is the high temperature my GTX580OC reaches after flying 5'. And it just happens with the P-51 cockpit view.

After getting audio signals as the gpu alarm at 90ºC goes on, I have to look sideways in cockpit view or use external views for a while to lower the gpu temperature. And on and on as I have to look ahead to fly.. :(




I noticed the same with any of the dcs sims, they tax my GPU usage at 99-100%. I'm using MSI afterburner to monitor the gfx card temps. I have a the same card as you a gtx580, Use a custom fan speed profile, i have mine set for when it gets over 60C that the fans go to 100%. havn't had any problems since then, running about 70C at the highest.

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I don't really have any problems with temperature issue's in my system. My GPU starts-up at around 28 degrees C. Sits in idle for hours on end at around 32 degrees C and after flying for some time in DCS P-51D, my fans increase speed approx. 100 rpms and my Temp goes up to about 46 degrees C at most.

As soon as I shut down the Sim, the temp drops as-per-normal.

I should also add, that this is a similar temperature range as I experience in all other games I have. I only realized a short while ago, I should also test this in my other DCS titles to isolate wether it is a system problem or not.


I am currently downloading 3D mark 11 to just double check my gear and get a bit of info. Before I run the benchmarks, I'll check my other DCS titles and see if I get a similar result.


I haven't seen these issue's in any of my other programs, but the same patterns when it comes to Average FPS , CPU Load , RAM Load and GPU load/fan speeds/temperatures.


I had a suspician that it may be a physics issue as I know my processor does not score real well on the grand scale of processors that are available.

Hence the reason I am going to benchmark my system. I have seen that 3DMark 11 can test physics too.


When I have a result, I'll post it here :)

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Well, that took me a fair while to sort out, but in the end, I am not much wiser than I was before I started.

The Benchmark did not supply me with the type of statistics that I was hoping for to be able to figure out much. I am not the most Tech-Savvy person I know.

So instead, I ran the benchmark under many different settings and resolutions and about all I came up with, is that if I lower my resolution slightly, I will gain a few extra Frames. ( well der! I already knew that. ) :)


Although it was not a total loss. I did find that no matter what graphics settings I use, or Resolution I switch to, the hitching at the start is always present.


I noticed that if you hold RCtrl and push PAUSE twice while in a mission or track file, DCS shows you the background information behind how the FPS are being calculated.


During smooth flight I noticed that there are 2 settings showing your FPS and the other option to note is Frame time. When there is no hitching or hesitation, the Frame timing and FPS are pretty much identical to each other.


But in the beginning of a mission or Track file, when I see severe hitching, the Frame timing and FPS are at totally opposite ends of the scale.


FPS reads as ~ 1fps ( .075 )

Frame Timing ~ 1376


The frame timing remains high, between 1200 to 1380 , whilst ever the screen is hitching.

But suddenly, after some time, the frame timing suddenly shoots down and the frame rate shoots up.


I have seen it do this even if smooth flying ( no hitching ) is at a frame rate of 140fps or 18fps.


Adjusting the Graphic content and resolution of DCS P-51D, does not seem to have any effect on the hitching what-so-ever.


I have tried to upload a video to YouTube that demonstrates this, but the Upload keeps failing. So I spent quite a long time last night trying to figure out if it something I am doing or not.


No matter what file type, or bit rate I tried, the upload would fail each time until I got Google Chrome. I hate Google Crome, but it allowed me to upload a video last night and it is there and plays properly. So that is something.


I think I still need to get onto my ISP as I see between 2 and 10% packet loss each time I run a speed test. I am hoping this is the reason I am having trouble with files that I have uploaded, not working properly.


When I have found that all is good again, I will get the Demonstration video I have created and post a link here.

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Yaaaaay!!! I found out what is causing my upload issue.


Internet Explorer. Typical. I have sucessfully been able to upload 4 videos in a row to YouTube. Now that I know I am able to upoad without interference, I will get working on Posting the Demonstration video of the FPS loss I see in Cockpit view.


Thanks for your patience everyone.

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Finally have the video posted.


I Finally have the video posted to YouTube demonstrating the Severe Loss of FPS in cockpit view.

I'm sorry it took me so long to post the video. I have been trying to render the video for 3 days now and had a lot of trouble getting it to work.

Until I realized I had 1 setting on the wrong selection. Once fixed, I had the video 36 minutes later.

I was going to include demonstrations of the hitching I see with the Graphics settings on different settings and different resolutions, but after a few hours of filming, I realized that if I did that, I would end up posting a 45 minute video that no one would see all of.


So I compiled enough footage from both Live Action ( not the Turtle Man ) and track replay footage to demonstrate what I am seeing.

It doesn't matter what Graphics settings I use, nor resolution of the screen. It is an identical Process reguardless of the settings I use.


I also have tried DCS BlackShark and DCS A-10A and have found that there is not even a remote hint of this same situation. From the time I push PAUSE to start a mission or Track file, DCS A-10A and DCS BlackShark are immediately ready for flight and dead smooth FPS.


I hope you find this video helpful.If you require any further information, feel free to comment and reply and I will do my best to help.


Thanks for your time.


P.S. I tried to embed the video here for convenience, but could not figure out how to do it.So I'm sorry, I only have a link available.


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Have you tried re-installing Mustang? I have a low end system using an old 9800GT card. Of course my frame-rates are not optimal and I'm using medium settings, but my card is definitely not over-temping or stuttering on ext to int view changes. Maybe there is a massive jump between medium and high, but it sounds like something else is going on.

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Hi Tailgate.

Thanks for your interest.

I haven't as yet, tried to uninstall DCS P-51D as that would mean removing all of my installed modules, backing up all of their missions/tracks/inputs device's and more....just on the off-chance it "May" solve the issue.

Prior to the automatic update, DCS P-51D was running amazingly smooth and I was stunned every time I opened it. Then it was patched and now hitch's ever since.

I was hoping that over the next few days, another patch may come out that addressed some issue's and I was hoping it would clear up for me that way. Un-installing was to be a "Last Resort".


And I can also 95% rule out the suggestion it is a Hardware issue. If in fact my hardware was falling short somewhere, the issue's I see in DCS P-51D, would definately be present in DCS Blackshark.


When flying in DCS P-51D Mustang for more than 2 hours, my GPU temp goes from a starting Temp of 35 degree's, to a Temp of 46 degrees.


When flying in DCS BlackShark for more than 2 hours, my GPU temp goes from 35 degrees, to a Temp of around 57 degrees.


And the whole time, the Hitching I see, only appears in DCS P-51D at the start or randomly through the track replay.


And I really don't believe that is it related to the Graphic level settings either.


I went to great lengths to explain that if I went through every single graphic setting and recorded it in that video, it would have been a 45+minute video that no-one would watch because it would be scene after scene of the Exact same thing.


I also described how ( for convenience ) I recorded the best representation of what I saw, and put that in the video because there is no Variation in behavour at all between any of the graphic detail settings. For example, on my normal settings ( as displaying in that video ), there are between 360 to 1300 objects visable at the start.

On LOW Graphic settings and every possible setting on its lowest possible position ( including resolution ) , there are between 69 and 180 objects visable at the start.

Surely with that much of a difference between HIGH and LOW, I should have seen some improvement switching to LOW or Detriment switching to HIGH.

But, it is identical every time. Which made me think, perhaps it's not Graphic related, but rather a data problem. ( be it in version 6288 or my system ).

But I can not find a culprit. Nothing is reaching high temperatures. Nothing is being utilized to 100%. My RAM, My GPU, my CPU nor my Hard Drives.


I can Select LOW in Graphics settings, then turn Tree Visability/ Clutter/ Visual distance down to their minimum settings and the Hitching I see is Identical.


I can even reduce the resolution of DCS down to the minimum Resolution + minimum Graphic detail level in all settings, and it is still identical.


I have checked all of my system drivers. I have been over my hardware at least 20 times.


I have several other titles of software that Push my system much more than DCS P-51D seems to,and yet I see no issue's or anything in them. Not even a hint of it.


So to me, if it were hardware, I should be seeing something in other titles that I either know is not right, or just seems to be some mysterious cause to an issue I can't track down.


Prior to me upgrading my system, I could understand this sort of thing happening because my PC just never seemed right back then and always made mistakes and output random quality files.


But since the upgrade, I have not enjoyed using a PC so much in my entire life. I've never known a PC to be so trouble free.


I am not saying my system is blameless. I am not educated enough to say that. But over the last 8 years, I have seen my fair share of Graphics issue's with PC's I have owned due to never being able to afford a decent PC. I have had a fair amount of practice at the usual methods of cleaning up issue's and tracking down online how to fix them.


While going through some of the fix's, they may not fix the problem 100%, but they usually reduce the problem to some degree.

But everything I have tried so far ,to fix DCS P-51D Mustang, has not even made 0.000025% of a difference.


I just don't know what's next..... :(




Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64bit

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor Black Edition 3400 Mhz

12.00 GB 1600mhz 12800

Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P Motherboard

SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series

Western Digital 2TB HDD

AMD Radeon HD 7950 3Gig

Saitek X-52 ( Not the Pro )

AOC V27m 27 inch LED Monitor.

Logitech G-15 V1 Keyboard

Razor Naga Mouse

Storm Scout Tower

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Additional information for clarity......hopefully. :)
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