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Graphic error


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Hi there.

I'm using Lock 1.11 and have a graphical error. I don't know what's the problem.


The graphical error can you see on the screenshots. I see that the error comes with zivil traffic and bulidngs.








- I reinstalled LockOn 1.11 with all patches.

- Reinstall the graphic card driver (clean the driver installation with Detoantor R.I.P.).

- I also used various version of the drivers (71.86, 76.50, 77.77, 78.01, 81.85, 81.87). Always the same. In some drivers have the buildings another color (like pink and yellow instead black).

- I also chanched the graphic settings in LockOn from LOW to HIGH. In all settings the error will be come, except the LOW settings, because there are no zivil traffic. I won't fly with LOW settings, because my hardware should work with MED and HIGH. (I use a AMD 3200+, GeForce 5900XT)


Have anyone similiar errors and have a solution to resolve this problem?

Thank you all in advance.




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