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TOR M1 Discrepancy


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Noticed while testing out defenses for the S-300 site that the TOR M1 system in the simulator does not engage any missile fired at the site.


Which strikes me as strange because the TOR was originally developed whit the purpose of shooting down PGM's. (precision guided munitions) Including ARM's.


See the following link and quote's taken from that page;



The design aims of the Gauntlet were however broader than those for the Gecko, and not only are low flying aircraft and helicopters intended targets, but also cruise missiles, standoff missiles and smart bombs during their terminal flight phase. Russian thinking is that S-300PMU/S-400 battery elements such as radars and command posts are to be covered by Gauntlet point defence systems, intended to engage and destroy guided munitions targeting the S-300PMU/S-400 battery elements.

While in conceptual terms the Gauntlet compares well to the Franco-German Roland, the missile is more advanced and the TELAR far more capable than the Roland ever could be.
Ingame the Roland DOES engage incoming ARMS (AGM-88C), be it unsuccessful.


According to modern classification, the tactical PGM include:


1. Antiradar missiles capable of destroying targets at a distance of 15 to 70 and, in perspective, up to 150 km from the launching point and flying at altitudes of 60 m to 12 - 16 km. The effective RCS of such missiles is minimized to about 0.1 m2, while the flight speed varies from 200 to 700 m/s.

2. Airborne guided missiles with infrared, laser or TV homing heads, with a launching range from 6 to 10 km, angles of attack from 8-10 to 45-60 deg, effective RCS from 0.06 to 0.5 m2 and flight speeds from 200 to 600 m/s.

3. Gliding and controlled guided aerial bombs and clusters with a release (drop) range of 8 to 10 km, effective Radiation PatternRCS below 0.5 m2, speed of 250 to 400 m/s and angles of attack up to 50 - 55 deg.

4. Missiles fitted with inertial guidance and terrain avoidance features using the terrain map and capable of flying at 60 m and lower altitudes.


The PGM also include antiship missiles.

The following specific demands are imposed on SAMs intended to fight the PGM:


(1) the missiles must be given a minimum possible time to be ready for launch (3-4 s);

(2) the propulsion system of the SAM should ensure its most rapid acceleration (within 3-5 s) to the prescribed speed and support its powered flight to a range no shorter than the prescribed killing range of the PGM. The operational load factors of the SAM must allow it to hit the PGM with a g-load not less than 10 units;

(3) the armament of the SAM must have sufficient power to destroy a highly strong PGM and allow the SAM to adapt to the type (class) of the target to be destroyed;

(4) the cost of the SAM should be the minimum required to achieve the positive balance between the cost of the PGM (plus the cost of the prevented damage) and adjusted cost of the SAM.

Russia's Tor-M1 SAM system is the world's first short-range air defense system specifically tailored for highly effective use against the PGM.
The Tor-M1 CV detects and selects air targets on the move and fires missiles at them from short halts.
Believe this was modeled in FC2 and previous versions, not tested in World.



There is LOTS more of good information published on that site about the TOR system.

A large part of the information they have came from;

Iosif Drize [Chief Designer]

Alexandr Luzan [Advisor to the Director General of the State Corporation Rosvoorouzhenie]


in the Rosoboronexport house journal, Military Parade (TOR-M1 SAM SYSTEM: PROTECTING GROUND INSTALLATIONS AGAINST HIGH-PRECISION WEAPONS; Military Parade, 1996).


Hopefully i have provided enough information for ED to let them review the AI behind the TOR M1.


~S~ Falcon


The keeper of all mathematical knowledge and the oracle of flight modeling.:)
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It's just not a feature of the game


How is this not a DCS feature? I've seen f.ex. Tunguskas engage missiles launched at them several times. Not sure about the Tors, however.

The DCS Mi-8MTV2. The best aviational BBW experience you could ever dream of.

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What the heck do they need a track for? No on has ever seen a Tor launch on a missile ever. It's just not a feature of the game, and making your own repro is faster than downloading someone else's with something so simple.


I learned my lesson about not posting tracks and yelling at the testers to reproduce it themselves.


It will not fix anything.


There is nothing better than a track for a tester. He downloads it, watches what YOU do (camera movements etc. that should show off the bug) and confirms and reports it.


Thats so much faster than freaking getting into the ME, building for 10min, testing, tweaking and then after 30 min you got a track of a bug although you could have the same result by simply downloading a track and watching it - 10 min of work vs. 30 of work.


Just post a track..



I am creating a mission right now to show off this bug, will post track later.


System specs:

2500k @ 4.6 GHz


HD7950 OC'd

Win7 x64


Posting tracks to make your DCS better - attention bump incoming!

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