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crash with aircraft gun tracers


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aircraft gun tracers causes CTD. i've tried to repro the problem by running campaign mission push-4-2-0. it happens when: i'm in pit, and looking at wingman strafing a tank; weapon view, and a f-18/f-16 is strafing a AAA out in front in my field of view. basically whenever a gatlin gun is firing and its tracers can be seen.



# -------------- 20121017-111200 --------------

# C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at F0312A94 00:00000000
00000000 00000000 0000:00000000 
F0312A94 001BEDD0 0000:00000000 
F031A90C 001BF090 0000:00000000  ??4GraphicEffect_Impl@Effects@@QEAAAEAV01@AEBV01@@Z()+19AC
F53D5B94 001BF0C0 0000:00000000  ?DrawNormalLights@DXRenderer@Graphics@@AEAAXPEAPEAVRenderObject@2@H@Z()+A4
F53D821D 001BF100 0000:00000000  ?DrawObjects@DXRenderer@Graphics@@UEAAXPEAPEAVRenderObject@2@I@Z()+15D
F5AADD81 001BF150 0000:00000000  ?DrawTransparent@RenderParserImpl@@QEAAX_N0MM0@Z()+C1
F5ABF6CB 001BF410 0000:00000000  ?RenderScene@SceneManager_Implement@@QEAAXPEAVsmCamera@@_N@Z()+3DB
F5AC201A 001BF530 0000:00000000  ?RenderMain@SceneManager_Implement@@UEAAXAEBVdPosition@@W4vCameraType_e@@AEBUViewport@smSceneManager@@@Z()+48A
F5AC3123 001BF740 0000:00000000  ?Render@SceneManager_Implement@@UEAAXXZ()+5D3
3F71950B 001BF7D0 0000:00000000 
3F71C22D 001BF830 0000:00000000 
3F7332B4 001BF860 0000:00000000 
3F7331A9 001BF8C0 0000:00000000 
3F7B8098 001BF930 0000:00000000 
3F7B94D8 001BFE20 0000:00000000 
3F7BBEBF 001BFED0 0000:00000000 
7701652D 001BFF00 0001:0001552D C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk()+D
774BC521 001BFF50 0001:0002B521 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll RtlUserThreadStart()+21


I've browsed some threads here and seen similar crashlogs...

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