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Using Logitech Wingman Strike Force 3D on Win7?


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I have an old Strike Force 3D Joystick from logitech. Windows 7 recognise the joystick and I can calibrate it with the microsoft tool. But in DCS it seems that this Joystick isn't working well. It seems that the axis aren't right or doesn't react the same. PE. I push the joystick forward and my ka50 tooks its nose down to almost 90°. Then I pull back and forward again and the nose only goes down some degrees. Then I release the joystick and the hekicopter turns its nose and does some kind of looping.


Also the Thrustpedal doesn't work.


I have downloaded the latest logitech software but it doesn't recognize the stick. Does someone use this joystick and can give me a hint how to use it.


I don't want to buy another expensive joystick when this one could work ...

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