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Bailing out / Skin in Training Mission.


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Hello there members .


Just two little questions.


As I am still training and learning to master this Wild Mustang I am still on training missions.


1st.Question. Have any of you already tried to bail out from the aircraft and did you manage.? I personnaly tried a lot of time just to experiment but I always failed.


2nd. Question. In training mission ( take off by my own ) is it possible to change the AC Skin ? (I still think that with a nicer skin I would do better !;) )


Thank You


Madcop !:)

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Sorry but LCtrl+E only works 3 times out of ten . Moreover I have to maintain the key comb. depressed a long time before the pilot finally decides to exit !. This key combination is however working perfectly on other sims (Il-2) so my keyboard can't be the culprit .


In my control panel this key combination appears normally in the column "keyboard" next to bailout.


Am I alone or can this be maybe related to the speed of reaction of my keys ?

If so can that be tuned ?


Sorry for the inconvenience.


PS Landing getting better and better.



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