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Lack of frame rate improvement after overclocking?


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I just took the plunge and spent the better part of a day overclocking the pc that runs my simpit. The only problem is I'm not seeing any improvement in my frame rates. :mad:


I've had the PC for a couple of years, and took an initial try at overclocking when I first built it, but didn't have much luck so I've been running it stock. I've been wanting to get some higher frame rates in DCS A-10C, so I found this excellent walkthrough online about overclocking by Miahallen, and I was successful with the overclock, but I'm not seeing any impact in the sim. 34fps before AND after the OC. I don't get it?? With everything else being the same, seeing a 30%+ OC to the CPU, a 10% OC to memory, and a 10% OC to the GPU, you would think I would see at least a few frames higher performance wouldn't you? :helpsmilie:

So I have a few specific questions:

1. Could there be another bottleneck somewhere in the system that would be keeping the frame rates down? If so, how do I address it?

2. On the overclocked video cards: I noticed that the Catalyst Control Center Overdrive Panel (where I did the overclocking) says that "The GPU clock settings will only be effective when the GPU is running in high performance mode". I am assuming that this kicks in automatically when the GPU is under load because testing using GPUz does report back that it operates at the overclock settings during the testing. Is there a way to manually set the GPU to use the OC settings all the time just to be sure?

So here are the specs and details of what I've got and what I've done. All input is welcome, not just for me but for anyone else who may struggle with system performance issues (almost sounds like an ad for those little blue pills huh? ).





Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R

CPU: Intel Core i7 920 Bloomfield 2.66 Ghz - overclocked now to 3.6Ghz

CPU Cooler: Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283v

Memory: 12Gb (3x4Gb) of G Skill DDR3-1333 PC3-10666 (7-7-7-21 1.5v) overclocked to 1440

PSU: Rosewill RX-950 950watt

GPU1: XFX/Radeon HD 5830 1Gb overclocked to 900Mhz core & 1300Mhz memory driving 3x Benq E2400HD displays, each at 1920x1080 for 5760x1080 triple screen

GPU2: ATI/Radeon HD 4800 1Gb overclocked to 950Mhz core & 1350Mhz memory driving an HP L2105tm touch screen at 1920x1080

Sound: Soundblaster XFI SB0880

HD: 2ea Western Digital Caviar WD6400AAK 640Gb

OS: Win7 Pro 64bit SP1 Build 7601


Sim Settings

DCS A-10C (34 fps using Quick Start-Easy-Spring mission as benchmark) Same results before and after OC

All patches and updates are current

Textures: low

Scenes: low

Civ Traffic: off

Water: low

Visibility Range: med

Heat blur: off

Shadows: low

Resolution: 5760x1080

Aspect Ratio: 5.3333

Res of Cockpit Displays: 1024

MSAA: 2x

HDR: off

Clutter/bushes: 0m

Trees visibility: 5021m

Preload radius: 63011m

Disable Aero Interface: unchecked

Tree Shadows: unchecked

Vsync: unchecked

Full Screen: unchecked

Cockpit Shadows: unchecked

TSAA: unchecked


Sorry for the length of the post, but I always see everyone asking for details to troubleshoot issues like this.

If it worked perfectly... what's the fun in that? :joystick:

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I would say that you should notice an improvement with that increase in CPU freq. One possibility I can imagine is that you're being limited by VRAM due to your high resolution. If you want, you could try with and without OC on a lower resolution (like on one screen).

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I think you are limited by video card

GPU1: XFX/Radeon HD 5830 1Gb overclocked to 900Mhz core & 1300Mhz memory driving 3x Benq E2400HD displays, each at 1920x1080 for 5760x1080 triple screen

That video card is only 1GB vRAM and not that fast and to run 3 monitors is quite a hit on it. If overclock on CPU gains no FPS then it can only mean it's not the CPU that's being the bottleneck in that situation/


To overclock the video card you just do it in ATI CCC Performance tab. Set your desired clocks and click apply... when in 3D mode those clocks will be working.


You can see my PC on bottom, I am running 3x 27" on HD7970 although I am not using all low settings as you, the performance hit is quite big when going from 1 camera viewport to 3 camera viewports... in case you are running 3 camera viewpoints you can swtich to 1 and larger FoV... it's not as nice as it gets strechign but will be much better on framerate.

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I know i'm late, and i know i don't really know Core i, but give this a try


wintestertimer should be synced.

If it's not, follow the instructions, you will see fps gain afterwards.

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DCS World Codex 1.1 : full units list (Speed/Weapons/Armor thickness/Threat zone/Weapon damage...) (Oct 2013)

BlackShark 2 1.2.x Bug and glitches thread (v1.2.7)

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