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Serial number Wrong or mistyped, BS2...unable to run allthough allready activated :/


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Hi Folks,

Just did full uninstall / reinstall of DCSW to go to 1121, and now cannot get the BS2 module to run (P51 and A10c run fine)


I have a valid , and infact still activated BS2 key (as verified on Starforces key verifier site (attached).

But, when I enter the ey when running Bs2 for first time it says the key is "wrong or mistyped"


I have tried this for both the BS2 full and BS2 upgrade versions (as I couldn't remember which type of key I had, and cannot track down my original key notifications on the DCS product download site any more..thanks for that :/)


I have run the reg cleaner and tried again to re-activate, same result.


Bit miffed, but not overly so...just want to get it all running, but don't really have time to play.



Would appreciate any thoughts on the matter before I raise a support ticket ...I have slightly more faith in the cleverness of folk on hee than I do of the support systeam ;)







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never mind, I think I see what's happened...duh!!!


When I ran the reg cleaner it removed all 3 product reg entries..


It's actually asking for my A10 key there not the BS2 one...duh x 100000



Yes confirmed..the Reg cleaner did solve my original problem (invalid hardware code for BS2 activation), and then I was too stupid to nitice it tried to re-activate A10 then BS2 then P51 as son as I ran up teh first mission from either of them)

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