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cannot seperate axis for throttle and stick G940

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I am trying to configure my G940 for use with the A10. I started using a downloaded profile for the logitech profiler, then .lua files for DCS, then manually setting using the dropdown box, then manually setting using axis detection. In all instances, the joystick works fine, the rudder works fine, but the left joystick and left toebrake control pitch, and the right throttle and right toebrake control roll. While its hilarious flying the plane with the throttle, I would rather actually be able to control the throttle.


my axis assignment screen looks exactly like this: http://www.veterans-gaming.com/vg-files/public/1301014188_56_FT11234_launcher_2011-03-24_20-39-18-14.jpg


Is there something I am missing?


Also, is it because my aircraft is out of trim that it keeps wanting to roll in circles, even with hands off the stick, or is this some kind of calibration issue also? I haven't gotten up to learning how to properly set trim yet, but I cant do the 'HOTAS familiarisation' training mission because even though the voiceover said autopilot had been set and my job was just to control airspeed, I keep rolling over?

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Update: I dragged my old X52 out of the wardrobe to use in the interim. The X52 is displayed on the options screen but I cannot double click anything to assign controls to it. All axis work perfectly by default in game, but I cannot assign any functions to the joystick buttons. It simply will not let me double click in the X52 column in the options menu.


Any known fix for this, or should I just start flying with a keyboard?


So I have gone into the settings and written down all the keyboard commands for the things I would like to be able to assign to my joystick, then created a profile for the X52 that links the keyboard commands to the joystick buttons. Only problem now is, when I try to load the profile by clicking on it in the menu that is in the taskbar, the profiler crashes. every. single. time. At least its no longer DCS causing all my hate, now just the saitek profiler. So far 14 hours and >$300 of hardware and I still cant use this game like everyone else. Is it a fixable problem with the saitek profiler that when you click on your profile it changes to an icon of a green circle on a white background, and refuses to open or respond at all?

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So I've now wasted the two days I took off work trying to get either of these two joysticks to work. I've found nothing about the G940 problem, and that's exclusive to this game. The saitek problem seems to be common enough, although no one has any reason why it happens or how to fix it. I've seen more than ten threads on this and other forums detailing the same problem as I have and not a single one has a 'its working now' response. I've spent more time trying to get this game to work than I have playing some other games. Could not care less anymore.

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Right, so I wanted to play this game so much that I kept searching and searching. Finally found a solution. If it were still possible to register on the saitek forums I would be posting this there, for all the other people I found with the same issue with the saitek software. (can I change the thread title to reflect that I have a solution for saitek profile crashing?)


I downloaded some software called autohotkey, it runs off scripts created in notepad. I then created a script to output joystick keys as the same as my keyboard bindings in DCS. Essentially what the saitek profiler does, if it worked. Below is my script for anyone else that wishes to use it. To use it you will need to download autohotkey, then paste the script into notepad and save it as .ahk and then double click to run. you may need to change the number before the word 'joy' and you may need to change the keyboard bindings within DCS. It was easier for me to change some bindings around then to learn how to script Lalt+; or whatever. It's not entirely complete, but its got enough basic functionality that you can take off/land and fly without the keyboard.


#Persistent ; Keep this script running until the user explicitly exits it.

SetTimer, WatchAxis, 5




GetKeyState, 3JoyU, 3JoyU ; Get position of U axis.

KeyToHoldDownPrev = %KeyToHoldDown% ; Prev now holds the key that was down before (if any).


if 3JoyU > 70

KeyToHoldDown = NumpadMult

else if 3JoyU < 30

KeyToHoldDown = NumpadDiv


KeyToHoldDown =


if KeyToHoldDown = %KeyToHoldDownPrev% ; The correct key is already down (or no key is needed).

return ; Do nothing.


; Otherwise, release the previous key and press down the new key:

SetKeyDelay -1 ; Avoid delays between keystrokes.

if KeyToHoldDownPrev ; There is a previous key to release.

Send, {%KeyToHoldDownPrev% up} ; Release it.

if KeyToHoldDown ; There is a key to press down.

Send, {%KeyToHoldDown% down} ; Press it down.



3Joy4::Send m


3Joy3::Send Insert


3Joy5::Send -


3Joy2::Send Numpad5


3joy7::Send g


3Joy8::Send f



Send {, down}

KeyWait 3Joy27

Send {, up}




Send {/ down}

KeyWait 3Joy25

Send {/ up}




Send {; down}

KeyWait 3Joy26

Send {/ up}




Send {. down}

KeyWait 3Joy24

Send {. up}




Send {Numpad1 down}

KeyWait 3Joy23

Send {Numpad1 up}




Send {Numpad2 down}

KeyWait 3Joy21

Send {Numpad2 up}




Send {Numpad3 down}

KeyWait 3Joy20

Send {Numpad3 up}




Send {Numpad4 down}

KeyWait 3Joy22

Send {Numpad4 up}




Send {LControl down}

KeyWait 3Joy6

Send {LControl up}


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Solution for the G940?


Dear hydrolyzer,


I am new to this sim and I have a G940. I see from your posts that you have found a solution for the X52. Have you found any solution for the G940? Is there any any reason to contact DCS support or they will not know?



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